Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Green Camping Tips

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“…One person cannot fix all the ills in the world and it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the enormity of what needs to occur. So my advice is always to choose one thing that you really care about and that you think your particular skill set can make a difference - and focus on that. Trust that your fellow human beings will take the lead on the other issues. …So just choose one thing, don’t feel like you have to volunteer everywhere. …If most of us did this, things will get significantly better. …Just choose to make a difference. …Your life and the world in which we live in is your responsibility; you are going to feel empowered when you accept that responsibility.”

~Jen Hancock Compassionate, Proactive Living (Mar 22)

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 -- Green Camping Tips --

Alternative low impact camping means to reduce campfires if it is possible. For the ambiance, use several large candles instead. However, in chilly and wet conditions weather can make your stay more comfortable. In case of an emergency, people would be grateful they had the foresight to stow away some compact fire starters.

Paper milk carton or waxed drink cups often attained through corner stores and fast-food outlets are not recyclable, but they can be reused to make a convenient campfire starter. First, wash and dry the container. Cut 1/2” – 1” wide strips and stack them together. Poke a whole through them and use that hole to lace a piece of natural-fiber string through. When you are ready to use, curl the strips around your fingers, then fan out and place in the center of your fire. Use disposable coffee and other waxed paper drink cups in a similar way.

Used candles and old cereal box wax-lining sacks can be reused as fire starter as well. Cut squares of wax paper, place the end of a used candle in the center and roll the paper around it like a burrito. Twist both ends of the paper to secure. When ready to use, place in the center of your fire and light the paper.

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