Saturday, July 9, 2011

Old Stuff = Great Stuff

-- Quote of the Day --

"We have arrived at a new phase in human history where a certain part of the world’s population are in a state of almost forced consumerism – feed by massive marketing budgets and a willing and compliant media and where the economy is based not on real indicators of wealth but on how much we consume. 
Where predatory businesses practices ...and long wasteful supply chains where quality and repair-ability and reuse-ability have been replaced by the notion that it’s cheaper to buy a new one than keep and fix the old one"

*Excerpted from a letter written by Warren Snow via the Zero Waste San Diego Group. Warren happens to have been an international speaker at CRRA 2003 in Oakland where he represented the ZWIA and Zero Waste New Zealand organizations. Find Warren @:

-- Positive Eco-News --

I read of a Japanese non-profit org - JEN - that focuses on international humanitarian assistance via the Japan for Sustainability Newsletter ( Apparently their new Book Magic program that started in 2004, has exceeded expectations. Participants fill boxes with unwanted books, videos, DVD's and CD's that are picked up and sold at a used-book store. Anything they cannot sell is placed in the recycling system. The funds raised from this project help build schools in developing countries, and supports schools with necessities like chairs, desks, books and so on.  ...Yet another inspiring example of what can be done with people's unwanted items, and how each individual book donation really does matter.

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