Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beyond the Prescription Pad

-- Quote of the Day --

"I can think of no better way of redeeming this tragic world today than love and laughter. Too many of the young have forgotten how to laugh, and too many of the elders have forgotten how to love. Would not our lives be lightened if only we could all learn to laugh more easily at ourselves and love one-another?"

~  Theodore Hesburgh

 -- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio -- 

Cathy Rosenbaum joins us today, sharing her thoughts on how people can be more proactive about their health and the importance of prevention. We're talking about looking for answers Beyond the Prescription Pad

Join us live, and drop in the live chat room too if you can, via the hyperlinked show title (above) or access the archived interview at your convenience via itunes and Blogtalkradio station home page: Conscious Discussions Talk Radio 

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