Friday, September 30, 2011

business advantages

-- Quote of the Day --

"Extinction does not only apply 
to giant pandas or tigers or exotic species
that dwell in the rain forests. 
Vegetables can go extinct too
and when our food goes extinct
then we follow."

~ The Henry Double Day Research Association, England

-- The Advantages of a Virtual Office for Your Small Business --

* Today's article came to us through Sachin from who thought our readers might want to learn more about the benefits of a home based business. 

Are you a small business operator and your business is growing? Are you afraid of all of the costs that you will incur? Sometimes when we grow from a simple start-up sole trader we hit a point where we can no longer handle it on our own, but we don't want all the hassles that come with hiring staff and setting up an office when an answering service will just do any more. How much business are you losing, or how much of your time is being interfered with because you are wearing too many hats? A virtual office is probably the solution that you are looking for. Lets take a look at some of the main advantages.
  • Taxation. Employing people can be very costly and cumbersome. Think of all the different taxes that you have to deal with and all the other legal issues that you will now deal with. When I think of a secretary or personal assistant, I think of someone who should be giving me service. Well, that is exactly the way it is. Buy buying your virtual office and other staff services you are paying for services necessary for your company, and the best thing about it is fully tax deductible.
  • Less hassle. Not interested in personal relationships with people you don't really want to know? Don't want to bother yourself with hassle of interviews and other training. Does employing people feel like it is just a drag on what you do and how you do business. Do you not want the person when you think personal assistant. It is all only a web-click or phone-call away, make your personal a virtual assistant.
  • Power and control. Many employers feel they are a victim of their employees. I have been an employer and sometimes wondered who I was running the business for. You start your own business to be your own boss and it turns out that now everyone is your boss. By choosing a service, you have the power of being a client to the company that is providing your service, and that has some very large plus points for anyone. If you are not happy, you can complain, and ultimately you have the power to terminate as a consumer – not by the laws of an employer.
  • Flexibility. Employing people can be a hassle at the best of times, and what happens if you only need them for a couple of weeks or for a couple of months? By using virtual staff and virtual offices, you have the freedom to change whenever you want to. It makes you wonder why you ever thought about employing anyone at all.
  • Cost. Are you in a high cost region? Perhaps there are people that could be doing the job that you require at much lower cost, and therefore costing you much less money to get the same amount of job to be done. The company that you choose may have staff that live in a cheaper location than yours. This is more likely to be the case than not.
  • Talent. Are you struggling to find the right kind of talent that you need for your business. This could be due to your region and due to the time that you have. Virtual offices and virtual staff agencies specialize in the business, let them find the right kind of people for you and your needs.
For many common and even professional tasks, and with the advancement in technology, face to face interaction is less of a requirement to getting a job done. Re-think the way you do business.

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