Saturday, October 15, 2011

Realizing Obsticles and Strengths

Once you have started the first few steps in your writing career it is time to list potential resistance in the market, the reasons for each point of resistance, and how to combat the problems with a proactive action plan. 

This resistance list may include: a publisher's no-return policy, the lack of an advertising budget or personal marketing skills, limited availability for events, travel and mobility limitations and any other major or minor thing that may impede your efforts.

Then make a list of your strengths. Your personality will play a large part in the making of this list. For example, some authors may be comfortable speaking to very large groups, some may prefer intimate settings and others may not be able to leave their home (i.e. illness).

Enhance this list with other aspects about yourself that may get you in the door of a media outlet. For instance, you might write down: woman, mother, caregiver, gardener, and pet-lover. If for instance you are writing after retirement, you can target retirement groups as an audience. Perhaps you are a confident speaker and can host workshops on writing. If you have a green thumb you could host events such as giving away sapling trees for your environmental book event or tender rose plants for a romance theme.

Media tend to have highly targeted audiences, and this is where the key word lists come in handy - so by doing the right research, for example, you may open a door simply by being a female writer. These kinds of personal touches may be the key that gains access to the limited space in print media or gaining the attention of terrestrial and online radio programs.

Additionally, getting to know yourself through this list creation process will
not only reveal your strengths and weaknesses, but also shows how you can effectively market your book.

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