Friday, February 17, 2012

Of Waste, Food & Soil

-- Quote of the Day --

“…many people are sensitive to sugar, fat and salt – especially in combination, as in fried potatoes – When we eat sugar, our brain produces feel good chemicals and takes away the painful feelings. …but what will happen is that the feelings will return because the blood-sugar will drop. …There was a study with two groups of rats who were fed sugar and cocaine – the ones that were feasting on sugar had a much more difficult time when they were detoxing, then the group of rats that were detoxing from cocaine. …As we age our metabolism will slow down a bit and Menopause will cause some body changes and we may feel like taking a nap a little more – but it doesn’t mean that you need to slow down. …Staying well hydrated and getting a good night sleep is more important than we may not realize. If we don’t get enough sleep, our bodies produce a hormone that causes increased hunger and another hormone that increases stress.
 …Dehydration feels like hunger – sometimes people are eating when actually if they had a big glass of water they wouldn’t be hungry.

~ Denise Lamothe

Today's quote is excerpted from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio Showtitled: Healthy Eating Habits

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-- Referral Corner --

Yes, it is time for another batch of recommended resources that I hope our readers will be inspired by and possibly visit their site. 

Local Harvest:  Offers a site location map for US-based businesses and farmers offering organic food, allowing consumers to shop closer to home, so it is fresher and tastier with more nutrients, and reduce the fossil fuels associated with their diet. At the same time it allows farmers to find markets for their sustainably grown produce and products. 

SOS Sahel UK: This organization exists to find meaningful solutions to the poverty and vulnerability experienced by millions of people across the dry-lands of the African Sahel (West to East Africa). It wants to see the herders and farmers of the Sahel influence the decisions that affect their lives, and have control over the natural and economic resources they need for a secure and fulfilling life. 

California Recycles: This US-based organization focuses on connecting schools and businesses and individuals allowing them to post requests for, or offer material. This is another example of material exchange organizations that allow people to proactively reduce waste by offering it to others that might see this "waste" as a resource - such as art groups, sewing groups... and businesses as well. 


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