Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sustainable Living Events & Discussions

-- Conscious Living Event --

April 16 - 21 

Intermat 2012
- expo for construction materials, innovations, end-of-life management, deconstruction and more
Location: Paris, France

-- Brummet's In the Media --

Ami Blackwelder interviews Lillian Brummet -  published today: 

 -- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio --

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It is time for another installment of the Best of Conscious Discussions series... today we'll focus on two fantastic interviews on Sustainable Communities.  Jim Bell ( shares his ideas on how we as individuals can “create life-support sustaining economies” in our communities.  - and - Marty Metro, Chief Executive officer of Used Cardboard Boxes, ( explains the importance of looking at how we relocate our homes and offices in a different way.

Join me live @ 10-11 AM (pacific) and visit with me in the live chat room... or access the archive at your convenience later on:

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