Monday, January 7, 2013

Beliefs, Purpose

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“Change deep beliefs, not just superficial ones – so you have to go deep down into the core. …To feel a greater sense of safety and self worth, and feeling more empowered and loveable and trusting the world appropriately, feeling good, feeling connected… We’ve got some stuff on our hard-drives and when you release it – it feels fantastic. …The exposure of so much negativity via traditional media really is an issue, what trauma does to the brain... and then they feel like a victim. …All living organisms have an electrical field – and a hundred of the top medical schools now teach programs with some element of energy being included.”

~ George Pratt

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on Nov 6 … titled: Create Your Own Happiness

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-- Brummet's In the Media -- 

There will be a Q&A interview with Darcia Helle on the A Word Please blog topic of living with purpose published today - Monday, January 7 - that will go live at 5 a.m. EST/ 3 AM Pacific / 2 AM Mountain... 

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