Monday, March 25, 2013

Product Review

-- Product Review --

Dave and I have a huge passion to explore nature; just being in the presence of nature is such a healing process for us. Thankfully we live in Southeastern BC (Canada) where we are surrounded by parks, lakes and mountains. In addition to this most of the old railway tracks that are no longer in use have been converted into trail systems – having old tracks and most of the boards and debris removed, they are hard packed and easy for bicycles to travel on. Sometimes a little bumpy, occasional sections of loose gravel, but mostly they are easy to peddle on and have very little grade variance. The stunning views are certainly worth it. Being passionate about green living we also try to walk or use our bikes to do small shopping trips or quick stops in town. So when we were approached by E-Cycling Store to review some of their fantastic cycling wear I was absolutely thrilled. In fact, I was in need for padded shorts this year, so the timing was perfect.

Eliathah Boda contacted us back in mid February, and after some back and forth communications on this project and obtaining our sizes she sent a package our way on Feb 22nd… and it arrived here on March 15th – taking 21 days to arrive through regular mail. The packing was quite minimal – arriving in a padded plastic envelope with each item contained in a thin plastic bag, along with a small tag – all of which is recyclable in our area.

In total we were asked to review a cycling jersey (retail $54.99 - US) and padded cycling shorts (retail $39.99) for me, and cycling socks (retail $9.99 - US) for Dave. Ecycling is simply a retailer of the products, they are not in any way affiliated with the brands, however they should certainly be proud of the products they sent us.

The World Jersey brand cycling jersey was made in Mexico and is surprisingly light, is soft and comfortable to wear without any binding or pinching or tightness in any way. The front of the shirt has a small 19” hidden zipper that one can adjust for personal comfort and also air flow. I found it interesting that the jersey also had 3 small but fairly deep pockets lining the back waist area – perfect for storing the iPod, cell phone, keys or wallet. It has a comfortable elastic waste, accommodating to changing positions of the body. The instructions suggest that for this fabric (100% polyester dry sport wicking) hand washing in cold water and air dry or hang to dry are the best laundering options. I loved the look of this jersey – imprinted with park like nature scenes with trees and large recycling symbols – this means whenever I am seen in this jersey people will be reminded about recycling and of nature… a walking billboard for the things I care about.

The green colored cycling socks reach just above the ankle and are created from a poly cotton blend that provide a more comfortable experience because the fabric is specially designed to increase wicking and breathability, so unlike Dave’s old sweaty gym socks – these will keep his feet cool and dry while riding. The heel and toe area of the socks also feature extra padding for additional comfort and durability, and are decorated with a recycling symbol on the ankle. 

The eCycle Womens 6 panel bicycle shorts are made within the US and are a very economical option for price savvy shoppers to consider. Black in color and made with a blend of 82% nylon and 18% lycra fabric (a type of synthetic elastic or spandex type of fabric invented in 1959 that was embraced by rock band musicians since the ‘70’s) these shorts are well padded and super comfortable with the elastic waste and cuffs.  These shorts are the most comfortable cycling shorts I’ve ever had! Normally I have worn pieces of skin with bruised sensations after a long trip – but didn’t experience any of this with these shorts. I highly recommend them. *Care instructions suggest machine washing on warm and low dryer settings.

The offers a discount cycling gear website shopping experience listing everything you need for the cycling experience be it a short trip or a long excursion. You’ll find a wide array of top quality clothing options from shorts and pants and socks and jerseys and more, and all kinds of accessories for both the bike and the rider as well. Special deals from reduced shipping costs to amazing sales can be found here and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their customers. I think shoppers will especially appreciate the gift idea page and the information link that offers a history on some cycling gear, such as where jerseys originated.

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