Friday, April 12, 2013

Green Living, Green Business

 -- Quote of the Day --

{on green business}

“I love efficiency and I am always trying to improve the systems and structures in the business. Getting certified as a green business – meant I showed them my processes, for example my entire office has energy efficient light bulbs and we recycle those light bulbs, all the cleaning products are green cleaning products, all the paper products are recycled, all my estate plans are printed on 100% recycled paper… there is actually only one seller of this paper in the entire Bay area (California) but to me it is worth it. My business is also almost totally in the cloud, which means that I am nearly completely paperless – you know, I don’t hand write my notes on legal pads, I don’t make photocopies I just scan everything in. There are water efficient toilets and faucets in the building.”

~ Marina Modlin
Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on January 24, 2013 … titled: Importance of Estate Planning

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-- Conscious Living Event -- 

Apr 12-14
Green Living Show

Location: the Direct Energy Center – 100 Princes Blvd. Toronto – ON (Canada)

Info: find demonstrations, workshops, and numerous booths showcasing workable solutions for leading a sustainable lifestyle.

-- Positive News -- 

The more conscious activities and green lifestyle changes the individual decides to embark on, the faster the movement toward sustainability will grow. Donating our unwanted items, participating in fundraisers for charitable causes, and volunteering just a few hours of our time every year can have a huge impact on this as well. It really is just that easy and it really does have a measurable impact. I think every community should have a volunteer website or page on the city website where people can browse through an updated list of any projects, activities and individual efforts they can play a role in. Little things like someone notices a street has a lot of garbage along the side, posts this on the site and before you know it a few people show up to clean the litter and recycle what they can of what was gathered. The volunteer page on the city website acts like a volunteering platform, estimating how long it would take to complete the task, what skills might be necessary, whether the task is a group or individual activity, etc. 

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