Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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“There is a real competition between our energy needs and our need for healthy soil. …Whether that cellulose goes into the energy stream or whether it will be processed by microorganisms and builds healthy soil – is going to be both a marketing and regulation issue. …we are not saying that we don’t aren’t going to want to transition to bio energy because that is what green energy is, in addition to solar and wind. …Methane is a natural gas, as opposed to ethanol and alcohol in its liquid form. I like this option because we can produce it from plants and organic waste. There is no magic bullet (when it comes to global warming and managing organics) – but there might be magic buckshot solution… because there is a lot of different opportunities here.”
~ Dan Noble

Access the full interview with Dan via:

 -- Referral Corner -- "OEDb is home to one of the largest collections of higher education resources available online. It has a degree section that has detailed information about various online degrees, an online schools page that allows users to filter thousands of online programs to find the right one, a rankings page that categorizes the best colleges according to program, an open courses page that directs users to thousands of free online classes, a detailed financial aid section and a career guide for students interested in learning about their interested field of work."
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You might also want to check out a similar site for open courses (free online courses):
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Learn how to save money and perhaps earn money, or reduce waste and encourage reuse, find ways of donating and supporting others in your community - simply by de-cluttering your home and office:

How On Earth: "...started by Margie and Michael Baldwin in 2007.  As founders of the Marion Institute, they were keenly interested in sustainable communities and the role that food and local farming played. The original concept was to have a CSA ( where shares of local produce are picked up by shareholders on a weekly basis) provided by a local farmer and to use the store as a pick up site.  As interest grew and others wanted fresh food, more products were provided and a kitchen was added to make our own food. Today we have a full range of local, organic produce, locally sourced grocery items, bulk liquids and dry goods, gluten free, vegan and non GMO foods.

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