Monday, August 12, 2013

Stop Snoring, Get A Good Sleep

-- Product Review -- 

I was thrilled when Melody of Green Pharmaceuticals Inc. invited me to do a review on their Snore-Stop product ( – this is a non-drowsy and non-addictive, safe homeopathic method for dealing with snoring issues. Delivery would normally take only 5-7 days within the US, but sent from the California office to here in South-Western BC, Canada it took more like 13 days (including weekends: sent out on June 20, arrived on July 3rd), which is a standard shipping time.

Here is what I received:

- 2 packages of the Starter Kit , which include the naso-spray, extinguisher oral spray and the tablets. The instructions state that for best results use the two sprays as a combined treatment. Simply shake, remove cap and safety clip and spray in the nose at bedtime, and similarly for the oral spray except you spray under the tongue and in the back of the throat.

- A package of SnoreStop Double Action: includes one Oral and one Nasal spray (60 treatments of each) .3 fl. oz. or 9 ml

- Snorestop chewable homeopathic tablets (60) specially formulated to stop or reduce snoring associated with respiratory congestion. … designed to be used after clients have used the Snorestop maximum strength formula. Provides long lasting results, tests show 80% positive results in test subjects. Directions are to chew one tablet before bedtime for 10 nights, then reduce to every other night. Eventually people should be able to take the treatment only 2ce a week, and some people may find they no longer need the support.

- SnoreStop Allergy formula is the one that I felt would appeal to my situation the most – snoring associated with allergies and hay fever. Also 60 chewable tablets…

Snoring is both a sleep and breathing disorder caused primarily by narrowing of airways due to the inflammation of the soft tissue and nasal obstruction. The side effects of snoring range from becoming increasingly emotional, dizzy, clumsy, to being mentally slow – all of which can have a profound impact on personal safety, relationships, driving habits, work productivity and job security. It can also be a contributing factor to many health issues from being overweight to high blood pressure. …Snoring is not just a human problem; pet owners too will find that snoring stops being cute when puppy or kitty is keeping them up at night. This company has found a way to address both human and animal snoring in a safe product that is easy to take.

My husband who can snore so much that he keeps me up at night when I’m having a light-sleeper night, and can wake up our dogs and even himself once in a while. I too occasionally snore, mostly during allergy season but also sometimes when I had an exhausting day. I’m very sensitive to virtually everything, so Dave tried out the samples as my guinea pig, starting with using the throat, nose and pill together. Because the packaging instructions stated that one often has to take the remedy for a while to get results we were amazed to find that he didn’t snore at all the very first night. Dave found that the nose spray didn’t work for him – he still had to use a decongestant spray, however he felt the pills and throat spray worked very well. While the remedy didn’t eradicate his snoring it did reduce the frequency and volume of it – and this may improve with continued use. Because of Dave’s success I’ve decided to try the remedy myself. The first thing I noticed was that I didn’t wake up with a dry throat, like I usually do, and I’ve had positive results with the nasal spray. We’ll definitely continue taking the remedy in hopes that we will see even more improvement.

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