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Best Dystopian Novels for Enthusiastic Young Adults

According to research reports from Good Reads, the popularity of dystopian-themed books is at its peak—the highest since 1960s. This resurgence of dystopian literature can be attributed to the enormous mass appeal of the Dream Caster, Hunger Games, Divergent and many others in this sub-genre. Given below is a list of best dystopian novels for avid readers who love turning pages packed with intrigue, futuristic settings, war, oppression and hope.  These best dystopian novels are being read by young adults across the world with equal zest.

Dream Caster - Najeev Raj Nadarajah (2013)

Set in the grim environs of the post-apocalyptic era, Dream Caster by Najeev Raj Nadarajah is a must read for its novel and innovative concepts. Weaver, a newly commissioned night guard is on his first day of duty when he finds a survivor coming his way. Weaver’s settlement is destructed by creatures with abnormal powers and he finds himself fleeing with the survivor. They go on to build themselves a new home. Weaver develops some super natural powers that give him the courage to fight back his newly found foes. His wit and powers keep readers engrossed in this fast paced a novel—right until the last page. 

Partials by Dan Wells (2012)

The story revolves around engineered beings that have a strange resemblance to humans (“partials”). A deadly virus is on the strike and has killed most human beings on the planet. Kera, one of the few survivors, decides to take up the challenge of finding what triggered off the war with “partials” and the long path to salvation. 

Masque of Red Death by Bethany Griffin (2012)

Araby has just one mission in life. She wants to learn ways to forget. She indulges in various night-club adventures to forget the devastations caused by the plague and her fears of the population being wiped out in future. Maybe her meeting with Will, a dashing aristocrat and owner of this club will change things for Araby and give her the courage to fight back.

The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda (2012)

Ranking amongst the best dystopian novels published in 2012, this book narrates the story of Gene. As a human Gene has a problem on hand. Creatures around him boast of lightning-fast reflexes and have a fancy for human blood. Gene has to strive hard to keep his identity a secret and survive. His problems increase when he is asked to trace all the surviving humans in the group and tries not to fall in love with an attractive human girl who comes his way. 

For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund (2012)

One of the best dystopian novels by Diana Peterfreund, the book reveals the growth of the Luddite nobility--an anti-technology community which has emerged after failed genetic testing. Elliot, part of the elite crowd is shattered to see things changing around her. Elliot witnesses the fall of the old class system courtesy the efforts of a group of rebels. The plot thickens as she strives hard to maintain her family estate. She must also find ways of facing Kai, her childhood sweetheart and now a famous explorer. 

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