Friday, October 11, 2013

Product Review

-- Choose To Be Nice -- 

When I first heard of ChooseTo Be Nice, I was thrilled with their concept – how one person can spark a positive change with small steps, such as choosing to wear proactive clothing. We see people walk around with clothing that advertises all kinds of company logos, or cute, humorous or cutting remarks and imagery… well Choose To Be Nice took this concept to another level.  Simply put, this is a movement that inspires and encourages kindness. According to marketing director Dina Creiger: “When we slow down and recognize what is nice in ourselves we influence others to do the same. Our goal is to build a community of nice people online who will share what they do on a daily basis to be nice. To kick-start the movement, Choose To Be Nice has created t-shirts with the Choose To Be Nice logo. T-shirts are high quality; made by American Apparel. Ten percent of all sales will go to non-profit organizations whose values align with Choose To Be Nice… Eventually we'll have other vehicles including hats, totes, bumper magnets, pajamas, etc.”

Dina confirmed interest in having me review a t-shirt on August 22nd via the Pollen-8 service and it arrived on September 6th in a plastic recyclable envelope. As you can see in the photo, it was a black t-shirt with green and blue lettering spelling the statement: “Choose To Be Nice”.

First think my husband said was “Nice!” when I showed him the newly arrived product I was about to review. He was quite impressed with the concept. With a couple of weeks I wore the shirt to 2 city events, and later wore it while traveling to a large city to attend an event there. I definitely noticed that people were aware of the statement on the t-shirt, some people commented on it. I felt empowered because I was a walking billboard inspiring people to rise to the challenge of creating a more peaceful planet. I was also reminded to rise to this challenge myself when I wore it. When I wear my Choose to Be Nice t-shirt it is amazing how differently I feel and how my interactions with and among others are much nicer and more meaningful.  I think people feel compelled, as do, I to act compassionately, pleasantly. 

The t-shirt  is available in many adult sizes from small to extra large and is, as mentioned earlier, produced by American Apparel who use sweatshop free environments in their LA warehouses where the wages are fair and the employees have access to healthcare and benefits. The instructions state to machine wash in cold water, dry on low setting. Combed cotton material

I truly feel that wearing a t-shirt like this empowers us to create positive change wherever we go – especially to large events like concerts, fairs, to the beach or downtown, and reunions. Movements like these empower every day individuals to be the change and inspire the change that they want to see. 

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