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10 Tips For A Successful Business Blog

I’m completely sure that your company has got the website, but do you need a blog? I think if you’re really targeted at successful web promotion, the answer will be “yes”. Blogging is a key platform for communicating with your clients, both regular and futures, so the thing is worth getting into it. I’m not repeating you the common known base like ‘choose the platform, decorate it right’ etc. there are always points which are out of sight, such as:

1.    Social media buttons. Yes, it’s also pretty known, but often used wrong. Like, you add only facebook or google+. There’s another extreme – I once visited the blog with about 50 buttons! Amazing. But, in fact, the optimal number will be about 3, and it goes without saying that those 3 should be ones where your target audience is most concentrated.

2.    Connect the blogging with your long-term objectives. Business blogs are created not just for fun, right? So, define the tasks and objectives for all your media promotion tools and your blog in particular. Add figures and concrete results (e.g., ‘find new clients’ – is not a goal). When the goal is clear, it’s easier to know which tools to use for achieving it.

3.    Only unique content! No one is going to waste their time reading superficial, bad written posts or the posts copied from elsewhere. So, as the backbone of any blog are regularly posted, unique and reader-friendly articles, if you cannot write to meet these terms, hire someone who can.

4.    Don’t underestimate e-mail marketing. When a new person comes to your blog, your task it to hold him there. But what if the information he found there is… hmm… not much impressing for him? Here it’s time to turn the visitors into the subscribers.  How? Everybody likes free bonuses. So, find out the interests of your clients and offer some unique content via the direct mail. Send the interesting information on their e-mails regularly, but don’t let advertisements be too often.

5.    Understand the people’s needs. Don’t head up your readers with tons of ads – it’s irritating. Offer useful info, new facts to think over – but they should concern your product, field or your clients’ interests. 

6.    Make it readable. The tendency in social media is focusing on the visual means of information, so don’t forget to add pictures, videos, info-graphics. This will make the blog vivid and bright.

7.    Optimize it for mobile devices and tablets. As now lots of people access the internet not from a home PC, make sure that your site is readable and attractive to read on the go. Who knows where potential clients will find you?

8.    The main thing in business blogging is the feedback. So, switch on the comments and encourage discussions. Answer your readers’ questions, ask for their advice and recommendations. This precious first-hand information will give you more that any survey will.

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