Friday, December 6, 2013

Green Business

-- Quote of the Day -- 
“To me, ‘legacy’ means how I want to be remembered… What will people remember about me when I’m gone? Who did I touch – whom did I help? Did I leave the world a better place? …It’s about being the best person that I can be and making a difference. …I tend to like things done my way so it is always a challenge to me in a volunteer setting… people are volunteering for a lot of different reasons. …I have had to learn to let go and understand that, it is the best that everybody can do with what they are bringing to the table. …To me ‘Conscious Living’ means that you are conscious of your place in the world, that you have some importance here, that you are appreciative of the environment that you live in and the world and all the inhabitants. Our thoughts and actions have a direct impact on the world. So when we put negative thoughts or negative actions into the world it doesn’t just impact us or the person beside us, it is global. Once we understand that we become more conscious of how we react, think and behave.”

~ Marion Witte 

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back in June … titled: What Will YourLegacy Look Like?

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-- Sustainable Business -- 
The Hershey Co. ( PA, US). - the famous chocolate company - has announced that the company now has 6 plants within the US that have achieved zero-waste-to-landfill (ZWL) status.

"This achievement reflects Hershey's unwavering commitment to reduce our environmental impact while continuing to manufacture the highest quality confections," says Terence O'Day, senior vice president and chief supply chain officer, The Hershey Co. "Converting plants to ZWL is challenging, but our plant employees have shown how deeply dedicated they are to environmental stewardship. They have worked extremely hard to reach this important milestone."
According to the article I read - the founder of the company, Milton Hershey, started recycling back in 1937 -  they have been working towards sustainability even way back then.   This is really exciting to Dave and I - we love hearing of companies who are making the changes necessary and reaching their goals to become more sustainable and have a lasting positive impact on the planet. You don't have to own a small business to do this; Hersey shows us that even very large companies can make the changes. 

They started simply by reducing waste in the production and shipping, and then increased recycling rates (to 90%). Working with the employees they are constantly adjusting policies and putting in encouraging programs to allow the employees to contribute at the plant the work at, but also in their own lives. The remaining waste is then sent to a waste-to-energy facility, which produces energy for the community and reduces their dependence on fossil fuels that are usually shipped in from a foreign place. Their own energy needs are also reduced through incorporating biogas-capturing technology in some plants and solar energy in other plants - allowing them to consume less energy from outside sources (commonly fueled by coal or other fossil fuels). The solar generation alone helps them eliminate 200 metric tons of greenhouse gases from their plants annually - the equivalent of taking 50 cars off the road each and every year. 
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