Sunday, December 8, 2013

Of Pets and Events

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3-Part interview series re: Green Holidays
La Reserva Forest Foundation has a wonderful radio show where they celebrate all things Caribbean, but also have special segments called: Climate Change - We Can Solve It, that airs live for 3 hours (9AM-12 noon Pacific). Broadcasting live from La Reserva Forest Foundation headquarters in Costa Rica, their motto: "Let's Get Planting".

Hosts: Roberta Smiley and and Daniel Wilson

The first session of this series of interviews I joined the hosts during the 2nd hour of their radio show on October 27th we talked about Xmas tree alternatives and suggested a few gifts that encourage the recipient to live more green and save money  ...use your mouse to move the audio scroll bar to find this part of our discussion faster if you want. The 2nd part of our discussion aired on Nov 17, when we discussed waste production and reduction for any holiday season, alternative gift ideas, reuse and eco-friendly gift wrapping options.

Today is the final portion of our 3-part discussion - the program airs 9AM-1PM Pacific, but I will only be on for the first 45 minutes - and we'll discuss green event planning.

Join us live and drop in the live chat room - or access the show later on at your convenience:

* The organization will also be featured on our radio show on Dec. 17. 

-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio --

* Airs live @ 10-11 AM (Pacifc)  - Chat room open for live listeners - all episodes are archived indefinitely within moments after they air live, and are available for you to listen to later on at any time of day.
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After writing fifteen books on the benefits of human-animal companionship, Allen Anderson has become an authority on how pets transform people into better human beings by making them more caring, responsive, and healthier.  Allen has experience as a volunteer in animal shelters and through adopting rescue animals as well. Today he will share how animal companionship leads people to live more meaningful lives and creating legacies that will survive long after they are gone. Allen will also help us discover why pets are so valued by telling his personal experience of surviving 2 life-threatening conditions with the help of a rescued dog who rescued him.

 Access the live (10-11 AM Pacific) or archived episode:  

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