Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Shrink Carbon Footprint


Shrink Your Carbon Footprint By Upgrading Your Furnace
*Author: Olivia Mac

You never go anywhere without your reusable shopping bag. You bike, walk, or use public transportation instead of a car every time you get the chance. You pack your lunch in the same eco-friendly container every day rather than using paper bags. But are you neglecting some simple ways closer to home to live a greener and more sustainable lifestyle? How about the way you heat your house?

A new furnace can provide not just a cozier, more inviting living space for you and your family, but will also help you to help the earth. Did you know that inefficient home energy use is one of the biggest drains on environmental resources that most people engage in? And it's happening through the duration of every single hour that many folks spend at home. Ignorance of this problem is so widespread, and it's really a shame, because, in addition to being entirely unnecessary, it can be such an easy thing to fix. 

We live in a more eco-conscious age than humans ever have before, and new technological developments reflect this. There is a very wide array of green furnaces on the market today. Here's a quick overview of a few of the different types and how they can help you:

§  One widely recommended option is high-efficiency heating systems, of which the SLP98V is but one (stellar) example. The heat will keep you comfortable throughout the winter, and, unlike older styles of furnaces, they make efficient use of energy. One enormous benefit of upgrading your furnace to a high-efficiency model is that not only will you be helping the environment with pretty much no effort on your part other than the initial switch to the new device; you'll also be slashing your heating costs every single month. It's an investment that will continue to keep money in your pocket for years to come.

§  Another environmentally-conscious furnace option is the use of a dual-fuel heat system. By combining both a gas system and an electric heat pump, dual-fuel furnaces will detect the temperature with no help from you, and switch automatically between gas and electric heat depending on which is most efficient depending on the weather at any given time. Smart furnaces are a smart addition to any home.

§  Lots of savvy consumers are realizing the advantages of solar heating systems and updating their homes to add solar panels. When installed by experienced professionals, these panels will produce enough power to offset the cost of operating not just your family's furnace, but other energy expenditures, as well. This is another option that both saves money and helps the planet, while requiring no effort on your part beyond the initial investment in a superior modern furnace.

As someone who tries to do your part to protect precious environmental resources, you care deeply about living an ecologically sustainable lifestyle. Now that you know more about what a new furnace has to offer, you need only select the right option that suits your needs. No matter which green heating option you choose, the most important aspect is that you are making the choice to shrink your carbon footprint. 

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