Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Product Review

-- Shazzy Workout DVD Set - Review -- 

Jill Caporizo of Shazzy Fitness Outreach LLC (www.ShazzyFitness.com) invited me to do a review of their family friendly exercise DVD series in early March – the product arrived in the mailbox in the last week of March in a padded yellow envelope. Each DVD had been sealed in plastic wrap, which can be difficult to remove without a sharp knife however the plastic wrap is recyclable in most areas. The DVD’s fit a little snug in the 100% recycled content case, however I was intrigued by the high energy hip hop without the typical theme of violence or hatred, sex or acting tough… these are Christian themed songs within the hip hop genre.

I watched the DVD’s separately, taking notes and digesting the moves before trying the workouts. Each DVD uses the same format – offering two 10-minute workouts, each workout has 3 parts.  The DVD’s both explain the importance of the warm up and cool down, and close with the three instructors telling viewers a little about their message, themselves and offering amusing outtakes. Each DVD menu begins with the “favorite moves” section where you are shown some of the moves in slow motion. Each 10 minute workout includes the warm up, the learning curve and then just the moves and the workout where you can have fun without guidance along with the group of 9 or so demonstrating the moves. 

There are 3 instructors: Apollo (male actor, dancer, singer), Vera (dance teacher and performer), and Leslie (dance fitness instructor for seniors).

A Time To Dance DVD (37 minutes; retails for $19.99 - US) starts with Leslie walking viewers through the Favorite Moves section followed by Apollo leading the Freedom and Triumph workouts (my favorite of all the workouts, especially part 1). This DVD format differs slightly from the other by offering a short bonus workout.

In The Beginning DVD (37 minutes; retails for $19.99 - US) seems to offer a more beginner start to this workout series, starting with Leslie (again) walking viewers through the Favorite Moves section followed by Vera leading the Genesis and Victory workouts.

Artists include Beezy (song: I Am A Believer), E. Dot (songs: Lets go; Living for You), PeeDee Wright (songs: Step; Sweezy), Saiah (Song: Church), Joi (song: Dancing For You), and Da T.R.U.T.H. (songs: Without God; Can’t Believe).

Initially I felt that the moves were going to be hard on my old injuries but was ready to give this program a shot after seeing there were a few low impact people in the group including a couple boomer woman, a couple of heavier people and, interestingly, 2 fine looking males. The instructors encourage viewers to have fun and to not get wound up in making mistakes but to enjoy the experience and know that every time they do the workout they’ll become more familiar with the moves. So… I gave it a shot. I found that I really enjoyed myself but definitely had to reduce the range of movements due to old injuries. I’m not sure I would classify this as low-impact, perhaps mid-impact to high impact as there is some hopping and twisting involved and the instructors are keeping things at a very fast pace. I’d not recommend this for people with back, hip or shoulder issues – however it was quite fun, I found myself laughing at times even though I was all by myself in the living room.

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