Sunday, June 29, 2014


-- Quote of the Day -- 
Fifth Group’s Steve Simon was speaking at a conference  about how implementing sustainability programs into businesses requires patience and determination, but the reward is great:

“When you implement sustainability projects at your restaurant, understand from the outset that persistence is key... Start slowly and then build up your efforts to meet the goals you have set. At Fifth Group we started with waste diversion and instructed our staff on how to recycle, then source separate organics. Of course there were challenges, but we eventually were able to divert hundreds of thousands of pounds of former ‘waste’ from the landfill…in every location. It has cost us virtually nothing to implement and it’s the right thing to do.”

-- Green Building -- 

I read recently about an interesting zero-energy house was created by The Shibaura Institute of Technology, winning them awards for just how green it is. 

The house has, of course, a passive solar design and a solar energy roof, but also has heat collection panels and a ventilation layer so that it can actually harvest energy from the sun in the form of heat, light and electricity.

The solar heated hot water also runs through both the ceiling and the floor during the winter months where it provides radiant heat. 

Additionally it has a safe room where the residents can go during a disaster for safety.

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