Thursday, October 2, 2014

Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

When I was asked to review an interesting and unique exercise known as "Wu Tao", I was certainly intrigued. when I looked into it further, it looked to me like a cross between Tai Chi and yoga put to dance format. Since I'm already a fan of yoga and interested in Tai Chi, you know I had to accept the invitation.

First, let me give you a brief look at what I was sent, a little about the lady behind all of this, and then I'll tell you how I felt about it - okay?
Included in the Home Study Course package were:
A dozen or so meditation MP3's, varying time from ??? to ??? minutes
e-book: Dancing The Elements, 139 pages
DVD: Dancing the Elements with Wu Tao; 25-30 minutes
DVD: Surrender To Heart, 35 minutes
e-book: 5 Elements Eating Guide, 28 pages
e-book: Self Massage Guide, 18 pages
e-book: Return to Love, workbook, 9 pages

This course usually retails for $397 (or 3 monthly equal payments of $115) and was created by the founder of Wu Tao Dance ( - Michelle Locke. Michelle was a former professional ballerina who began her journey with shiatsu (Japanese Massage) and continued throughout her life. She now holds certificates or diplomas in:
- PA Dance
- Shiatsu
- Shamanic Studies
- Massage Therapy
- Chinese Herbs
Michelle first conceived of Wu Tao (meaning: the dancing way) in early 2001, and it has grown and spread internationally since then. Today, she offers classes, courses and a home study course similar to the one I'm reviewing now.
Okay - now "Taoism" (meaning: the path or the way) is an ancient practice that teaches us how to find balance in the universe - between ourselves and life stresses. The fact that it focuses on consciousness and awareness really appealed to me. I read an old saying recently that said something along the lines that there are many paths to climb the mountain and we can choose from any of them but those that wander around the base of the mountain are stuck there because they won't make a choice. Anyway that saying came to my mind just now because I feel that achieving this balance can involve many different paths from creative art, yoga, meditation, nature, dance, music and many other practices. My home study course experience left me with the sense that Wu Tao combines many of these paths, or uses elements of them at least.
Having interviewed music therapists and musicians involved in various kinds of therapy, I was really intrigued by the artist behind the music. All the music was composed by Steve Richter who focuses on compositions that help people heal or feel better. I encourage my readers to visit his site to learn more about his techniques and specialties via:
The difference between the two instructional DVDs are that Dancing With The Elements is geared for beginners, while Surrender to The Heart offers a more advanced look at the five elemental dances, a demonstration section that overviews the first DVD, and the routine has one elemental dance flowing into the next.
The titles of each e-book is pretty self-explanatory and I don't want to spoil it for you by giving the content away, but you will find plenty of information on living a more conscious and proactive lifestyle with the aide of these guides, recipes and workbooks.


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