Thursday, July 9, 2015

Life is a journey

Life’s A Journey

* Written by: Patricia Gaines -

While walking in the forest one day with my dog Harlow a large tree fell. It didn't make a lot of noise when it hit the ground; most of the noise came as a result of interfering with the crushing of other trees.

Nature can teach us life's lessons if we are aware of the energy that nature produces. On my life's journey, I have noticed that people create the most noise as they are falling or failing. Some get up and start over; others just lie on the ground making no attempt to get up.

Last night my neighbor David and I discussed failure. David said when he failed at something he just quit. He doesn't have any interest in starting over. David mentioned that he can't understand my thought process. I just don't quit. To him failure means that he has actually failed and he doesn't want to give himself another chance.

Failure is a method of renewing. Just as that tree in the forest fell to help renew the earth with room for more growth, I feel failure is the way to gain growth and wisdom. Succeeding at anything, be it losing weight, getting a college degree, or starting our own business takes a series of failures.

Quitting is not an option after a failure. Changing directions on life's journey because of bad judgment and unfavorable consequences is a good thing, but never let that failure control destiny.

Failure has many components; one being sincere ignorance. Nothing is more dangerous than sincere ignorance, and sincere ignorance is a reality that people have and most aren't even aware they own it.

Sincere ignorance is energy that we have placed on a perception and we are not willing to broaden the scope of our thinking to allow truth to find us. So when failure occurs, we tell ourselves we can't do something because it isn't working for us.

David's thought process is an example sincere ignorance. His life is one of chaos. We all have a story of failed relationships and business ventures. What has caused David's chaotic life circumstances?

Pointing the finger of blame to another person because of not taking responsibility for choices and actions is a leading cause. We are on earth to learn and grow in wisdom. How can we grow when we won't accept that we failed, because we created that failure with negative thoughts or bad judgment calls.

Settling into the easy street of unhealthy habits fueled with negative thoughts leads to dead-end roads. When we reach a failure point, we always have a choice to turn left or right. Homesteading there produces more unhappiness. We create that failure or success with our thoughts. We are what we think.
How we deal with failure grows integrity based character? Large trees have character, because they survive storms. Think about growing character with failure instead of quitting.

Growing integrity based character the right way is specific and takes skillful authority. There is every reason to be successful. Do it right and enjoy the rewards. Command your life. Don't allow your life to command you.

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