Friday, July 3, 2015

Product review

-- Product Review -- 

Joe Jacobs, marketing agent for Quality Encapsulations offered their Omega 3 Fish oil product for review back on May 21st, was to arrive by May 27th, but we weren’t able to pick it up until May 30th at the US postal service provider, a couple miles on the US side of the border from us. 

Their product differs from others in that the company “invested time, money, energy and extensive research, to create an Omega 3 Fish Oil which is rich in EPA, DHA, Omega Fatty acids. And here is the catch, it has the least aftertaste that is possible for "Fish Oil" to have (compere to any other brand on the market), and believe it or not our price is also impossible to meet.” For those of you who are not already aware, omega fatty acids are hard to find in today’s diet in the quantity we need for heart, skin, joint and brain health. Omega’s improve immunity, circulation, ability to heal, lower bad cholesterol and offer many other health benefits.

This is so much better than other fish or vegetarian omega 3 products I have tried in that it is triple strength. This brand offers an antioxidant blend; each serving (2 soft gel capsules) is packed with 1500 mg of omega 3 (800 mg of EPA and 600 mg of DHA). The soft gels are specially designed to be narrow and tapered on each end, and are therefore really quite easy to take – which I appreciate since I have trouble swallowing pills… and there’s no fishy aftertaste. Having experienced eczema, allergies, joint issues and anxiety I have learned the importance of taking supplements for omega 3, 6 and 9 (all types of fatty acids)… I have tried flax and hemp and various fish oils, but I have to say that so far (over the last 18 years of taking these supplements) this brand is now my favorite.

The product is made in the US, is tested for safety and is non-GMO. Each bottle contains 60 softgels. Sadly the bar code sticker was placed over the supplement fact information listing what is exactly in the bottle. However the company offered a graphic that offers the information covered by the bar code sticker, but it is hard to read:

The supplement is housed in an appropriately sized solid white plastic (recyclable; #2) bottle, which means there is no wasted space.

The plastic seal over the screw cap was not perforated and I had to cut it off with a razor knife. An additional seal was under the cap, and that peeled off easily.

Directions are to take 2 soft gels daily, but Dave and I only take one each, and they warn not to exceed the dose and keep out of reach of children. Also - don’t take if you are nursing or pregnant or if you have fish/seafood allergies, use blood thinners or are planning to have surgery.

As always I did some research on the company via the Internet and could not find a website address for them, which means I could not find out if they have in house recycling, social, conscious purchasing, or charitable policies in place. However I did find out that Quality Encapsulations is based in Brooklyn, New York (US). Visit them on FaceBook:

Or view their YouTube video:

Interestingly over at it had a list price of $63.62 (US) but is currently on sale for $15.99. And over at it is selling for $81.96 (Canadian).

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