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Product Review

 -- Product Review --

I truly enjoyed working with Roslyn the creative engineer for Pully Pup ( in getting this product review together for our readers. We initially touched base back in July around the 20th and we ended up picking up the Pullypup Hands Free Walking and Running Dog Leash at the US border on August 3rd, where we use a US postal service for orders. The product arrived in a (11” wide X 14” long) yellow bubble envelope.

The product was housed in a clear plastic bag, along with a paperboard label folded in half and stapled across the top of the bag. I used a staple remover tool to separate to paperboard from the plastic so that both were able to go into our local recycling stream. The label had only a limited amount of product information such as it was made in China (high environmental impact therefore when you consider shipping, etc.). The company also states that there is no guarantee or warranty with the product. However it was very nice to be able to see the product right away. I did notice there was a minimum of packaging with this product, and it was recyclable in our area – so that is an environmental plus.

The package contained a 1-1/2” wide adjustable waistband, an elastic bungee rope style leash with a reflective handle loop, and a lightweight side pouch with a zippered opening – all but the silver-toned handle is black. 

The leash has a clip on either end – so you can easily attach it to the dog collar on one end, and clip on to the waistband on the other end. The waist band has a 2 metal D-shaped loops located near each side of your hips – so you can have the leash on either side, or use the other loop to clip something else, such as a water bottle or your keys.  One could, theoretically, hook on a second leash for another dog, one dog per side. The D-shaped loops are also designed differently; one is fixed in place while the other is adjustable so you can hang your leash where you want. You could also run the leash through the loop on the dog collar and hook both ends on one side of the belt to have your dog closer in a heel and not have to do any corrections at all – but this would, of course, depend on the situation (i.e. walking on a busy sidewalk), the dog’s personality and the size of your dog.

This leash system is built very well, with quality materials and allows me to have more freedom while walking one of our dogs. The belt adjusts between 25” to 44” waist giving it more diversity in the number of people in the household that can use it. It is comfortable and has a feeling of strength to it, giving me confidence while being hand’s free.  The elastic-like leash will stretch enough to allow your dog to pee or wander a little to sniff at things while walking. It also offers the necessary flexibility you’ll need if you are on your bicycle, wheelchair, using a walker or a cane, or hiking. 

I was a little confused about the reflective handle on one end of the leash – first – I think it is a great idea to have something on the leash system reflective for safety reasons. However because the leash is flexible I wasn’t sure which end would work best – having the handle closer to the dog collar gives you more rigid control over the dog when you are letting her meet other dogs, etc. whereas having the handle closer to the belt allows you to give little corrections to remind your dog to keep the position (i.e. heel) you want her to be in. I prefer it closer to the belt – however if we were encountering other dogs I think it would give me less control but it would allow her to have a little more freedom. The leash will stretch quite a bit (40”-67”) but is super strong at the same time.

Dave and I walk our two medium sized (60+ lbs.) dogs together, each taking one dog. While both dogs are fairly well trained, one of them has more independent thought and tends to move around more on the leash so I always take the dog who tends to do less pulling and love this hands free system because I don’t need to correct her as much. Dave prefers to use the traditional leash for our other dog as it gives him more control over her – she needs more corrections.

I do have old injuries that nag at me from a car accident many years ago – and these can be aggravated by surprise tugs by a dog that just saw a squirrel or some other fascinating distraction. The flexible leash eliminates the concern of waking up those old injuries.

I love the pouch that comes with the system – it has a secure zipper to close the opening and allows you to carry a cell phone, keys, doggie bags or money along with you. The padded, soft pouch has belt loops in the back so it is firmly attached to the belt around your hips. One negative aspect about the pouch however is that it can easily slip off the belt when you undo the belt clasp, so be aware of that if you are carrying a phone or something that can be damaged when dropped on the ground.

This hands-free system means you can hold hands with your loved one, tend to another dog or child, take a sip from your water bottle, carry bags or totes to your destination and swing your arms freely while walking or running. If you are cycling, you can keep both hands on the handlebars without as much concern about your own safety. 

This product is not available to Canadians on however you can find this product on where it had an original list price that was $39.99 (US), but was slashed down to $27.98 (US), and it is now on sale for $24.99 (US)… a great deal for an amazing product – even at the original list price.

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