Friday, November 18, 2016

Recommended Resources

 -- Recommended Resources -- 

Most of you are already aware that Dave and I donate 10% of the business earnings every year to charities we believe in. Usually Seeds of Diversity, Canadian Wildlife Foundation and whatever local animal shelter needs the most help in our area. We also made a pact to honor anyone that leaves this life that has had a positive impact on us, by gifting to a charity in their honor. Sadly we had 2 valued people pass on this year, and with this in mind we secured an endangered seed variety from ever going extinct through the Seeds of Diversity org ( We also donated to the local bird sanctuary (Creston Wildlife Management - ) and pet shelter (PAWS - ). 

Over the years we've done our best to celebrate and expand the reach of hundreds of other non-profit, charitable organizations that awe us with the work they do. We have done this simply through sharing their sites and brief statement about their work here on this blog for you people to check out. I also share them later on via Facebook and Twitter. You can do a search for "non-profit" related key words on this blog's search option there. You can also find them spoken about here and there via "positive news" segments of the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show archives. (links to these are on the left sidebar of this blog and in the signature of our blog posts). 

These acts are small - it is just me doing this or that here from my office, lending a hand when I can. At the same time my reach is over 30,000 people in total out there in the sphere, so there's a chance that someone else will be getting involved with those charities too. My hope is that our connections out there will share the resources online too.

By the way - I always love to hear about nonprofits so if you want to see one featured on our blog, just connect with me on FB or via our website's contact page. 

To close today's discussion I'd like to offer a 3 more for you to check out, and I'll offer more later in the month as well:

Robin Hood - provides poverty prevention programs in New York City (USA). Their hands are quite full because they work with over 200 other organizations who offer a wide array of programs ranging from GED education, housing, rehabilitation, employment programs... Check them out if you are interested.

Just Capital - - a research organization connecting citizens, employees, stakeholders, business leaders and politicians with the information they need to understand how good or "just" companies are. The goal is to highlight the top earning companies, the most popular companies, and rate them according to the positive or negative impact they have on the planet, on society, and so on. Investors and consumers can use this information to decide where their money is best spent. Businesses will inspire each other to be more "just". 

West End Neighborhood Food Network - This BC (Canada) based organization focuses on locals getting together to learn and share re: seed saving, native plant, winter planting, sprouting workshops, plant swaps, festivals, garden workshops, potlucks and more. 

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