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What is a web crawler?

A Web Crawler

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Today it is really important for SEO managers to implement effective strategies in order to reach successful results in their work. They need to pay specific attention to different aspects of SEO and follow a wide range of rules and guidelines provided by search engine companies. The main task of SEO managers is to optimize their websites and get on the first page of Google. This article is about an Internet bot that helps Google to create its complex hierarchy of relevant and reliable websites.

A web crawler is an Internet bot that is used by search engine companies to browse the World Wide Web in order to collect data about websites and retrieves content from the web. Googlebot is a web crawler used by Google. Googlebot explores billions of web pages throughout the World Wide Web and discovers new and updated webpages and sends this data to the Google index. The main point is that Googlebot begins its route according to a list of URL’s generated from previous web crawls. The crawling process helps Googlebot cross-examine websites and find new links to other pages or websites. Thus, Googlebot is beneficial for Google and websites, because it discovers new and updated content acquired from new web pages and adds them to the Google index.

It should be mentioned that Googlebot does not check the content of webpages. It is the task of the Google index to identify the content of websites sent by Googlebot, studies it, and uses analyzed data to rank web pages in a web search engine. Therefore, a web crawler is an Internet bot that collects information about new content of web pages and motivates websites to create more and more useful information in order to reach the top of Google search. In this way Google strives to meet the requirements of web users formulated in the mission statement of the company: “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Moreover, Google tries to satisfy the needs of web sites’ owners. For the reason that Googlebot can visit the same web site multiple times a day, Google offers the owners of web site to change the crawl rate according to their wishes. Further, Google provides them with tips on how to make their web site crawlable.

In conclusion, it is necessary to say that web crawler is an Internet bot that helps organize operation of any web search engine. Googlebot crawls the World Wide Web and discovers new and updated web pages. It motivates the owners of website to create new useful content in order to make their web resource relevant, reliable, and popular.


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