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World of Writing, interview

-- Quote of the Day -- 

"Books are delightful society. If you go into a room and find it full of books — even without taking them from the shelves they seem to speak to you, to bid you welcome."
~ William Ewart Gladstone

-- World of Writing -- 

 Today's featured authors are:

Lee Bice-Matheson is the author of Wake Me Up Inside, Book One in the Paige Maddison Series, and is the recipient of the Literacy Award from the Readers’ Advisory Panel of Orillia Public Library. She has also contributed narratives to The Big Book of Canadian Hauntings. Lee is passionate about exploring ghosts, spirituality, family relationships, and higher awareness in her writing. She found inspiration for the Paige Maddison Series through the encouragement of her beloved son and co-author, J. R. Matheson, and her husband and best friend, Kevin. Lee, a former Information Specialist, works alongside her husband in his Chiropractic Clinic. Lee loves being out in nature and the only thing to keep her inside is her love of writing.

Collaborating author J. R. Matheson is a student attending McGill University in Montreal. Currently in his fourth year, he is working toward his Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in psychology with a biotechnology minor. A dedicated, talented, and gifted individual, he has a driving passion to help those who suffer from agoraphobia and anxiety.  J. R. also loves watching horror movies, reading fantasy novels, and spending quality time with his dog, Abby.

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Q: What have you learned about working with your co-writer?

A: We are a Mom-Son team writing the Paige Maddison series. We learned early on the meaning of the word synergy, from the Greek word syngergia. Two writers working together can have a better outcome, or novel, than the individual sum of their works. J.R. or I will have an idea, the other builds upon it, and we come up with a better, more improved idea for the book. Also, I believe when you co-write a book, tempers can flare over the differences of opinion, or egos rear their ugly faces, but not with J.R. and I. Going into it, when co-writing, if you approach it from a place of love, respect and compassion for one another, anything's possible. 

Q: What is the wisest thing anyone has said to you?

A: Lee: “Follow your heart in anything you do.” Ensure that you do not compromise yourself for someone else's ideology or perception of you. Stick to your inner voice, the one that talks to you and kicks you in the gut, the one that guides you.
J.R.:Consider feedback as constructive” is another wise suggestion. We have many great supporters from our family, friends and readers that give honest feedback. We welcome this. 

Q: Are you satisfied with your career, publisher, publicist, co-writer?

A: We are thrilled with our team and will continue writing the Paige Maddison series, book three. It's already started. We recently hired a publicist, GK Zachary, Pro Book Marketing, and he is doing a fabulous job of representing us. We are seeing the outcome of his efforts already.  We are also very happy with Friesen Press. We chose to self-publish once again (several professionals in publishing said we could be traditionally published) because we like to have the control over the work from the book cover design, to the manuscript content, to the printed and e-book versions. At this point, with the pre-release response to Destiny's Gate, we are over the moon in our careers!

Q: What are some of your favorite writers’ resources?

A: One should have a mentor in the world of writing/publishing. J.R. Colombo, author and anthologist, is our mentor. Without him, none of my writing would be in the public eye. We also belong to writers' groups on Linkedin and Goodreads, which are invaluable. J.R. and I follow authors that have a writing blog like Joanna Penn who is a highly successful author (and many more) that provide writing tips. 

Q: When starting a book project do you choose the title first, or does that come later?

A: We chose the title, Destiny's Gate, long after the first several drafts of the book were completed. J.R. and I wanted to get the 'feel' of the book and then one day, it came to us and it felt right. Destiny's Gate is the catalyst for Paige Maddison, the series hero, and her journey into the supernatural world. Readers will have to read the book to understand its meaning. 

Q: Who are your favorite authors?

A: J.R. loved J.K. Rowling as a young child. The Harry Potter series really engaged his imagination and it was a pleasure to see him expand his mind. Dean Koontz is a definite favorite and J.R. cannot get enough of Stephen King's novels. For me, I grew up reading Stephen King. His books captured my imagination and I would be so scared that I didn't want to put the book down until the sun arose the next morning. I enjoy Peter Straub. His novel Ghost Story has stayed with me all these years. It is a haunting tale. My childhood favorite was Lucy Maude Montgomery and I read Anne of Green Gables many, many times. Authors can influence and expand our realities.

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