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Today we will feature a discussion with author Rachel Russo, MS, MFT is a dating and relationship coach, matchmaker, image consultant, author, and speaker. With a master’s degree in Marriage and  Family Therapy from Iona College, a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University, and a certification as an Intentional Relationship Coach, Rachel has worked in the dating industry for nine years and has published two books as well as countless blogs. More about Rachel at

Q: Tell us something about yourself.

A: My not-so-secret ambition: To live an interesting life and write about it. Although neither of the books I published were memoirs, they are both reflections of my life. My first book, A FabJob Guide To Become A Matchmaker, is a career guide I wrote based on my knowledge and experience in the matchmaking industry. My second, How To Get Over Your Ex: A Step By Step Guide To Mend A Broken Heart Italian American Style, is a self-help book, inspired by my own frustrations dealing with "stunad" exes.

Q: Did you choose writing as a profession, or did it choose you?

A: I chose to become a Marriage & Family Therapist and stumbled into a career as a Dating/Relationship Coach and Matchmaker. At my core, I am a writer. Dating and relationships are my subject of expertise, so it is only natural that I write abut these topics. My ability to write was a God-given gift.

Q: What are common mistakes authors make?

A: Authors procrastinate. They self-edit as they write, instead of just letting the words flow freely with the intention of coming back to revise them later. They wait until they are inspired to write instead of forcing themselves to stick to a regular writing schedule. Oh, and they don't market their books nearly enough.

Q: What are your greatest obstacles and motivators when it comes to writing?

A: My greatest obstacle in my writing career is being a perfectionist. I put pressure on myself to draft the perfect first paragraph or even first sentence before writing anything else. I'm most motivated to write about topics that are relate-able and inspirational to people who need help with their love lives. I also feel compelled to keep journals about what is going on in my personal life.

Q: What is your favorite memory in your career as a writer?

A: My favorite memory is coming home late-night after dates to write some of the ninety-two blog posts I published as Ms. NY of a social research experiment. For this blog at, I went on ninety-two dates in one year and wrote about them. When I realized writing about the dates was often more fun than the actual dates, I knew I'd go places with this writing stuff!

Q: What do you think about self-publishing?

 A: Self-publishing is a great idea for new authors and businesspeople who wrote a book and want to quickly and cheaply get it to market. It is ideal for authors who want creative control and plan to do a lot of self-promoting - which all authors should be doing, actually. I think it seems intimidating to many. After self-publishing How To Get Over Your Ex: A Step By Step Guide To Mend A Broken Heart Italian American Style, I realized the process is a lot easier than I thought it would be.

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