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I just love reviewing products made right here in Canada! Up to the last year I’ve never tried facial serums before, however I’ve since tried 4-5 brands out and have become a fan of what it can do for skin. Today I’m reviewing a certified organic 20% Vitamin C Serum via All Natural Advice ( company who specializes in organic beauty products made in Canada.

When I was first contacted in the first week of July by the president of the company, Stephen James, I was immediately impressed with the obvious pride he has in their company, the professional communications and the quality of their products. Stephen took the time to express his appreciation for our environmentally friendly blog – which was a very nice thing to do – and is something their company is quite passionate about. Stephen says: “As a company we chose to go organic. For example, our Vitamin C Serum used to be 70% organic as it was much thicker. We than moved to a sodium ascorbyl phosphate version of the Vitamin C which is highly effective and more stable when compared to lower grade Vitamin C Serums. By doing this we were able to change up our formula to ensure that now 100% of our ingredients are certified organic. The serum is a bit more liquid-y but the results are better as it absorbing deeper in your skin. In addition, none of products are tested on animals. We are very proud of the work [our employees] do, and we promote a happy work and family balance.

Amazon gave us an estimated delivery of July 13 – 14th, and sure enough – it arrived July 14th. It was shipped in a bubble pack, yellow envelope. The product is housed in a brown glass bottle (recyclable) encased in a bubble plastic envelope (recyclable) as well for additional safety during shipping. The bottle was topped with a white plastic pump with clear plastic protective cover, however it also comes with a rubber topped, plastic, screw cap style glass dropper.

According to Stephen: “When we started our company, we had two important principles to follow: provide a quality product and provide even better service and advice.” And you can certainly confirm this by visiting their site to find ample information on their products.

Like most serums, this one contains 20% vitamin C which fights age related skin issues, sun damage and stimulates collagen. Both men and women can use a serum. After washing (and shaving) your face, and applying toner (if you use it) get ready to put on some serum. If you haven’t used a serum before simply put a few pumps worth in the palm of your hand and apply to your face and neck, and forearms and backs of your hands. These are the areas most often exposed to natural elements (sun, wind, cold, etc.), things you may have accidentally splashed on your skin (paint, paint thinner, gas, oil, etc.) and also chemicals in the air (exhaust, workplace chemicals, etc.). Any and all of those that I’ve just listed can cause all kinds of damage to the skin ranging from accelerated signs of aging to darkened spots. This serum will soak in very quickly and once the liquid has soaked in, simply apply moisturizer (if you use it) as you would normally. It is best if you apply serum in the morning when you wake up and during the evening ritual of preparing for bed.

Like many of you I’ve been taking Vitamin C supplements every day because of all the things we come in contact with we need the additional help to fight off free radicals and damaging elements. By adding vitamin C serum to my daily routine, I am applying the vitamin directly to my skin where it is more effective than taking it orally. I’ve been using this brand for more than a week now, and have to say that this will be up there with my top 2 favorites in serum, (both made in Canada and with all natural ingredients). This brand has a 12-month shelf life. Something else that sets this brand above others is the size 60ml. / 2 fl. oz. – double of what other brands offer. It is also non-allergic and made for sensitive skin (yay!).

Ingredients: water, aloe, vitamin c. MSM, plant based hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, vitamin E, carbomer, arginine, ferulic acid, kosher veggie glycerin, organic jojoba oil, phenoxyethonol, ethyl hexyl glycerine, organic gotu kola extract, horsetail plant extract, organic geranium extract and organic dandelion extract.

The All Natural Advice company is based in Oakville, Ontario (Canada). As Stephen mentioned, not one of their products is tested on animals, and they offer 100% guarantee on all their products. This product is manufactured in an FDA registered laboratory and is GMP certified. If you order from their site – they offer free shipping within Canada and the USA.

Amazon Canada: $26.88 (CDN)

Amazon USA: Had an original list price of $49.99 but is currently on sale for $18.88 (US)

Amazon UK: Had an original list price of £$78.99 but is currently on sale for £14.88

Amazon France  & Amazon German: Both had an original list price of 48,88 but is currently on sale for EUR 20,88

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