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Product Review

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The only really good pair of scissors I’ve seen in my lifetime belonged to my late mother, who had a professional pair of tailor scissors that lasted her lifetime; they were inherited by a sewer in the family, along with her prized sewing machine. I was never allowed to touch those scissors but saw her use them to earn extra money as a single mother of 3, and to make all kinds of clothing and quilts for the family as the years passed by. I’ve been looking for a pair like those my entire life and now at 45 years young I finally found them.

Frank Garcia, owner of the Brickhouse Products Company (a.k.a Evergreen Supply), offered a pair of their amazing, all-purpose scissors as a review project around the third week of July. Amazon’s order confirmation gave an estimated delivery date of July 14th, however we picked up on July 18th, which was the next time my husband had time to cross the border (a couple miles south of us) to the mail service we use there. The scissors arrived in a yellow bubble padded envelope (11” X 14”), and were housed in a glossy black, thick cardboard box with the company logo embossed on the front and inside of the box. The box could make a good storage container keeping the scissors safe, but also keeping cupboards and drawers safe from the blades.

These scissors come pre-oiled and very sharp – they have an ideal shape and angle for almost any cutting project. The design allows for a comfortable, ergonomically correct grip with rubber-coated handles. The blades will, according to the company, stay sharp and are made of high carbon steel (stronger than stainless steel), and will reportedly last a lifetime. In fact the company offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their product!

These right-handed, high quality scissors weigh 7.4 ounces, and are approximately 9” long X .5” thick X 3.2” wide (at the handle) in size.

Sadly these are not available on for Canadians, but they can be found on where they have a list price of $47.99 but are currently on sale for $23.95.

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