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Product Review

-- Product Review --

After some initial discussion with the marketing representative for Pure Paw, I agreed to take on the review project of Dog Dream Glucosamine – a liquid joint health supplement for canines of all ages. The order was placed via on July 30th; Amazon’s guaranteed delivery date was the same day we picked it up at the border - August 3rd. It arrived in a 5” high X 7” wide X 10” long cardboard with 9 air bubble packs, some filled with air, others not… all of which is recyclable.

I thought it was interesting that the label stated that the 1 quart sized (32 f. oz. / 946 ml.) white plastic container is BPA free and recyclable – it shows that the company cares about the environment. The screw top cap is sealed with clear plastic and was, thankfully, perforated for easy removal. This USA-made joint supplement doesn’t have any sugar, starch, salt, wheat, gluten, yeast, corn, milk or soy. However, because this is a natural product there could be some settling, so shake the bottle a little each time before you use it.

For my dogs that are in the 60 LB range, the instructions suggest 2 teaspoons (1/3 oz.) and mix it in with both breakfast and evening meals. So one bottle will go a long way, however the product does have a 2-year shelf life before opening so people can order several bottles at once and perhaps save a little on shipping and handling. Also – the company does offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, but you would have to ship the remaining product back to them.

Contains: glucosamine Hcl (shellfish), Chondroitin sulfate (beef and/or porcine), MSM, Manganese Chelate, Hyaluronic Acid, aloe vera juice, citric acid, potassium sorbate, purified water, sodium benzoate, stevia, vegetable glycerin

These ingredients have been proven to provide arthritis pain relief, improvement of connective tissues, structural integrity, reduce scar tissue and inflammation. It is safe to use for pregnant and breeding canines as well, but if your dog has disorders like diabetes, hypoglycemia, allergies to shellfish, or clotting disorders you’ll want to avoid this product. The supplement also has antioxidants and anti-aging elements.

I have only used one other liquid supplement and found this brand has the exact same ingredients, in the same order and in the same amount  - even the size of the container is the same. The response from our dogs was similar too – the LOVE it. My picky, stomach-sensitive 9-year-old (almost 10) shepherd/malamute mix girl (our oldest, who has hip issues) had no troubles switching over to this supplement. So you know it is high quality and will not adversely affect even the most sensitive puppy. I’m excited to see how the long term use of liquid supplements like this will affect her health. I also give a smaller dose to the 4-year-old (almost 5) blue heeler/Siberian husky mix as a preventative. So far, the result has been promising with fewer issues after lying on hard surfaces and limping after playtime. 

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 This product is not available to Canadians on but you can get it via where it has a list price of $74.97 (US) but is currently (as of early August, at the time I was writing this review) on an incredible 61% off sale price of $28.95 (US).

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