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product review

-- Product Review -- 

Jim (owner of Savasana Now) and I first began discussing this review project for their eye pillow and towel products on July 15th and by the end of that day I had an Amazon order confirmation offering a delivery date of July 17th, which we picked up on July 18th. The products arrived in a huge box (13” long X 9.5” wide X 3.5” tall), much too big for the size of the product with a lot of excess air bubble packaging.

The first product I wanted to try was the eye pillow and was really impressed how it contours to your face so that light is blocked out and being a fan of lavender, it smells wonderful to me. Lavender has often been used to induce calm, relaxing feelings, aids sleeping but is also a lovely fragrance. I use a mixture of lavender essential oil and purified water (from our reverse osmosis machine) in a mister spray bottle as a natural bathroom and house air freshener. I’ve also used the essential oil in a bucket of hot water with vinegar when washing walls and floors around the home.

The pillow has a shiny oriental style fabric in light blue that I found very visually appealing. The pillow can be a useful tool for those of us who suffer from headaches – you can heat it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds but the instructions say that you need to temporarily take it out of the cloth envelope - an awkward endeavor because of the tiny opening sealed with a tiny zipper –the zipper cannot be microwaved safely. Personally I prefer the cold press for headaches and will keep my pillow in the freezer for that purpose. The instructions recommend placing the pillow in a zip-lock style bag before freezing, presumably to prevent your freezer from smelling like lavender. Cold constricts blood vessels and reduces swelling; it is very soothing for my headaches and migraines. Because the pillow is so soft, it will be has been a welcome change from the gel packs I’d been using until now. You can also hand wash the pillow, hanging to dry.


When it comes to the towel product - I happen to love the color purple and was pleased to see that the microfiber towel I was sent in this package was that color. This 23.5” X 47” towel will come in handy for both workouts and travel or camping trips as it absorbs moisture very quickly and reportedly dries 3 times faster than cotton towels. My husband has commandeered it for his cycling trips and drum engagements (he’s a musician), so I’m not sure that I’ll ever have the chance to use it again myself. lol

Initially, after taking it out of the plastic bag packaging the towel kind of smelled like ink or rubber but upon the first washing (I recommend to wash separately before use) that odor faded away. The towel is constructed of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. It is flammable, however, and made in China. Instructions are to wash with like colors in cool or cold water on gentle cycle – do not bleach, dry clean, iron or tumble dry.

The two items came encased in a black drawstring bag… and the company sent me a link to get 4 free audio downloads for meditation and relaxation. The bag is a bit stiff, until the first washing; it is constructed from 100% oxford polyester. The instructions say to avoid having the bag in direct sunlight for long periods of time, and to avoid contact with acetone, heat and flame.

I find tags annoying and always remove them once I’ve read them. The bag and eye pillow tags are very stiff and would chaff skin, however the one on the towel is soft and silky.

The package also came with promotional “static cling window decals”.  These decals are designed to be easily removed and to withstand the elements. While we don’t like using promotional decals, my husband did find the ying-yang, globe and alien-like human shapes interesting. He cut them out and, using a little water to encourage the decals to stick, put them on a few of his hand drums. I had to admit – they looked neat. 

I asked Jim to tell us a little more about his company and this is what he sent me: “Savasana Now is a new company/ family owned (started selling this year). We are committed to giving 10% of our profits to charitable endeavors. But honestly at this point we are still running at a deficit, so our charitable endeavors have been limited so far to giving a few copes of our products to worthy fundraisers including this one for this school:
We strive to promote natural health & wellness, and have a soft spot for helping disadvantaged children. We honestly …strive to tread light on the environment…  our foremost goal is to have happy customers who enjoy our heath & wellness products, with great customer service

Find out more about the company via:

Savasana Now products are not yet available on for Canadians, however you can find them on where package has a retail price of $37.95, but are currently on sale for $24.99

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