Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Agrihood and agritopia

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Have you heard of the term “agrihood” before? 

How about “agritopia”? 

Or “sustainable development”? 

If you haven’t, you’ll soon see a lot more about this interesting project that tis growing across the planet. 

Agrihoods are new residential neighborhoods that are designed around a healthy concept of biodynamic living – they are not only energy efficient, built to include solar power and electric cars, but they also surround a working farm. I’m sure you’ve seen modern neighborhoods built near and around golf courses, wine vineyards, recreation centers and parks… so I’m sure you can visualize what an agrihood would look like. This is a new concept built on old traditions, using modern technology and sustainable development design (see Urban Land Institute or Civil Eats

The farms in these neighborhoods are, typically, certified organic and include compost (organic waste) collection programs. The farms will vary but can easily produce everything from flowers, eggs and honey to vegetables and berries. Some of the farms deliver on specific dates to the members of the neighborhood, others have specific market days that they are open to the neighborhood or to the public. Some agritopia farms use the funds raised to support local charities or neighborhood and farm improvements. Others produce food for local restaurants and sell the excess to the neighborhood. Every agrihood will be slightly different depending on where they are located and the vision for the future that the occupants agree to. 

In most cases the neighbors are welcome to tour, volunteer and participate in the farm, including visiting with the animals housed there.

Award-winning authors Dave and Lillian Brummet: 

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