Friday, January 29, 2016

Save money, be healthier, reduce negative impact

-- What We Eat & Drink --

We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with perhaps a few snacks in between and several drinks throughout the day.

Each time we put something in our mouth we have the opportunity to vote on the direction we want to see society take in the future:

- Looking at how the food was grown – whether it was done sustainably, fairly, ethically, and environmentally sound.

- We can learn more about the products by reading the labels and visiting the websites… choosing producers have more of a positive impact on the environment, that ship the product fewer miles, those that support causes we believe in, and those that use green energy.

- We can simply choose to make meals based not only on what is on sale, but what is in season locally, produced locally… and save a great deal of money.

- We can choose to eat less meat; simply put less meat on the plate, or less meat than recipes call for.

- Take a look at how much packaging is associated with the product and whether it has recycled content in it, and whether it is recyclable.

- Try taking a reusable plastic container in your bag when eating out, instead of asking for a package of leftovers to take home you can reuse your own container.

- Let’s not forget the reusable beverage container – bringing your own cup or travel mug or water jug… refill as required, wash as necessary.

Try these methods when shopping for any food or drink item, wherever you are and watch how much money you save and how little waste you’ll produce. You’ll feel healthier too!

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