Thursday, April 14, 2016

Journey to Health, part 3

-- Journey to Health, part 3 -- 

Reduce or eliminate negativity and regrets – news, relationships. Vow to read and view mostly positive things (comedy, open education courses, listen to positive talk radio shows like archives and sites like

Reach out to people and begin expressing gratitude for some action or feeling they once gave you. Take a moment to list the things you really appreciate about the people around you, this will make the interactions easier for you. Just mention one or two things at a time to them, it is more effectual that way.

Go through your personal and business address and contact lists and make a goal to tell each one of them something positive via email, text, mail, in person. Work this into your daily encounters - even if you are complementing a stranger's shoes, their smile, their attitude or service.

List at least 5 different things you really feel grateful for upon waking up in the morning and again another list of 5 things you are grateful for in the evening. This is a great habit for parents to get into as well – telling their children positive feedback or information in the morning and evening. 

These activities aide better sleep patterns, attitude, positive emotions, increased awareness and increased gratitude. 

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