Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easily Save Money, Time and Energy - part 3

Easily Save Money, Time and Energy

Part 3 of a 3-part article... click here: for part 1 and part 2 

What started out as a simple blog post for saving time, money and energy turned into a 3-part article in the blink of an eye. …told you I could go on and on about this! Lol

Hope you enjoy these next tips that will save you time, money and energy!

-   Make sure the electric range burners and gas burners are working 100%, a worn out burner does not cook efficiently.

-   Don’t toss out cooking water, keep it in a bowl and allow it to cool gradually. This releases both heat and moisture into the air during the cold months. Alternatively place the bowl outside to cool in the heat of summer – then use that water on your landscaping, garden, lawn or compost.

-   Save potato water (boiling potatoes) for baking bread, buns, biscuits, etc.

-   Use the broiler when possible in the summer if you have to use the oven – it uses less energy, cooks foods quickly and doesn’t require preheating.

-  Keep the oven/burners clean, because they reflect and retain heat better that way.


I could go on (and have gone on and on – lol – via the radio show, interviews, articles and our Trash Talk book series… which you can find online). 

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However – to keep things short and sweet, I’ll stop there. You can see by this example that saving energy, money and time are really quite easily done with simple small actions like these. 

Check out the links on the left side bar of this blog (or those under the images above) to find both the e-book and print book versions of our Trash Talk book series – you’ll find hundreds of money, time and energy saving tips there. 

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