Monday, January 29, 2018

Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources

It is all about food today...

Chef Arthur Potts-Dawson shares his vision for reducing restaurant and supermarket waste -- creating recycling, composting, sustainable systems that stimulates positive impact (and good food).



Meet fonio, an ancient "miracle grain" native to Senegal that's versatile, nutritious and gluten-free. In this passionate talk, chef Pierre Thiam shares his obsession with the hardy crop and explains why he believes that its industrial-scale cultivation could transform societies in Africa.



Our Giving Hands Garden is ..."a non-profit organization that grows food to give to the elderly in our community. It is run by Debbra Arndt in Belle Rive Illinois, and has been sharing food with the needy since the summer of 2007. We currently have a small green house and ten acres of land at our home that we grow food on. Our goal is to be able to soon help supply the local pantries with fresh foods to give away, and to be able to give food to all of the hungry elderly here and everywhere." 



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