Sunday, February 4, 2018

Recommended Resource

Recommended Resources

Interestingly, I was contacted by two different blogging experts who offered a couple of fantastic resources for our readers. If you are a blogger, want to be a blogger, or plan to network with bloggers - you need to check them out.  

  • The first resource (provided by Joseph Hogue) involves an in-depth study based on a survey conducted with more than 150 bloggers who shared their income, traffic, expenses and answered a lot of the questions bloggers ask every day. Ever wonder how much other bloggers make and how? Wonder if your traffic is 'average' or if you're falling behind?  Here's what the survey revealed:

Putting today's info together, I was reminded of an older post of ours that offered a couple other resources... I went back and copied those resources to share again today, hopefully all these resources will give you well-rounded information, the "whole" picture about blogging.


Visit the Brummet's @:

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