Saturday, March 24, 2018

Positive News

Positive News proud of Creston Valley’s wildlife stewards!!

The Creston Valley is the only known habitat for the last population of Northern Leopard Frogs in British Columbia (Canada) - one of the most endangered species of wildlife in the province. 

In the fall, the Northern Leopard Frog moves from its breeding and summer grounds to overwintering habitat - and this requires that they safely cross the dikes south of Duck Lake. 

The frogs not only cross the dikes to get to the overwintering habitat, but they also use the warm gravelly surfaces near and on the roads and trails to forage around; this makes them extremely vulnerable to being run over by motorized vehicles.

The Provincial Northern Leopard Frog Recovery Team (NLFRT) is soliciting Duck Lake users' help to protect and recover this critically endangered species during their fall migration. 

The team is calling for a voluntary road closure for motorized vehicles on the dikes around Duck Lake between 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM from September 1st to October 15th.


There was a great amount of collaborative effort to educate people about an invasive species – the Bullfrog - over the last year.

How cool it was to see the "Bullfrog are Bullies" sign installed at the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area near the bird tower just south of the centre. A big thank you to support from Columbia Basin TrustNature Conservancy of Canada / Conservation de la nature Canada, the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, Habitat Stewardship Program and the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area who made this project possible. *Kudos to Pink Dog Designs for the artwork and Speedpro Signs Nelson for printing the sign.


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