Saturday, April 28, 2018



Have you tried the "search" option on our blog? 

If you haven't, there's a handy tool for you to easily try it out. 

The benefit comes in when you are looking for a specific topic... perhaps you want to learn about trees - so you type in your keyword "trees" in the search box, and in a second or so a new page will load with all our blog posts that talk about various aspects of trees. Perhaps your interest is wind energy, or pest management, or music... or organic gardening. Whatever it is, type it in the box and see what pops up for you.

Using a search tool like this will help you learn more about the topic you are interested in - super quickly, super easy. For researchers, this tool is essential. 

Ok - so all you do is look to the right of this blog page up near the top... just under the little copyright blurb in the right-hand side bar... it has the heading: Search This Blog.  You can't miss it, and once you see it and try it ... holy I think you'll find it an amazing tool.


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