Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Getting Quiet

Getting Quiet

A new series of posts we are starting up on the blog that will focus on tips to bring quiet and calm to daily life... We hope you enjoy the 2nd post in this advice series, which we hope to publish periodically, whenever the blog schedule allows. 

In the first Getting Quiet post we asked you to start with a very simple task... be aware of moment to moment interactions, thoughtfully consider those moments that stand out for you each day and your reaction to those moments.

The task of awareness will continue throughout your journey, and for the first while it is suggested that one continue that same awareness task each night, spending 5 to 15 minutes with mindful thought. 

Now add this:

List at least 5 different things you really feel grateful for upon waking up in the morning and again another list of 5 things you are grateful for in the evening. This is a great habit for parents to get into as well – telling their children positive feedback or information in the morning and evening. This aides in sleep patterns, attitude, positive emotions, increased awareness and increased gratitude. The trick is to not repeat the things you are grateful for. At first that might seem super easy as we can be grateful for our breakfast or our taxi ride, etc... but then you can't use that again, you have to express gratitude for something else. The trick also is not to over do it. No more than 5 things. What are you most grateful for that you experienced that day. 


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