Sunday, May 20, 2018

getting quiet

Getting Quiet

This is the 4th installment of a small advice series for the blog that will focus on tips to bring quiet and calm to daily life... 

The first few posts gave tips for training the mind and explained how the main keys are: repetition - and small successes - that is why we are doing these tasks every day and in small doses. If you haven't started this "getting quiet" practice yet, please visit the first post and follow each tip for 10 days prior to adding the next tip. 

We began with the awareness of thought and emotion, the awakening to seeing our own reactions to moment-to-moment daily life and then learning to be a witness to these things instead of reliving them. 

Realize that your mind, your brain is different from you – visualize the brain as a machine and yourself as the operator of the machine. Recognize that much of daily life is habit, simply learned reactions – and the operator has the opportunity to reprogram the machine to operate in a more desirable fashion. 

So as we are practicing the previous tasks every single day, we then bring in this recognition of habitual reactions. Are we reacting? Or are we responding consciously? Again - no judgement, we are only trying to train our brain to witness the answers to these questions we ask our selves, but this time we are witnessing and asking a few questions with the realization that our brain machine can be reprogrammed... what we are doing now is determining where the glitches are but we are also recognizing previously ignored successes and positive moments. 

Sometimes, when practicing these tasks we might feel a bit foolish. Perhaps the tasks seem very small and insignificant - that's a great time to remind ourselves that retraining the brain machine requires repetition and small successes. 


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