Wednesday, May 30, 2018

getting quiet

Getting Quiet

This is the 5th installment of a small advice series for the blog that will focus on tips to bring quiet and calm to daily life...  If you haven't started this "getting quiet" practice yet, please visit the first post and follow each tip for 10 days prior to adding the next tip. 

We began with the awareness of thought and emotion, the awakening to seeing our own reactions to moment-to-moment daily life and then learning to be a witness to these things instead of reliving them. We learned to question our responses to daily life and we learned that our brain is currently being retrained.  

Continue practicing these tasks, daily if you can - but during the day start looking around your daily activities and really see the products you are coming in contact with. We are creatures that absorb virtually everything... our skin is an organ and absorbs all the creams and fragrances, our lungs soak up everything that is in the air, even our eyes receive from the world. However, what we come in contact can often have a profound impact on our mental and emotional health. 

Request the use of all-natural cleaners and personal products (bathroom soap, etc.) from your employer. Change your shopping habits and switch over to natural, fragrance free products - everything: the bar of soap, shampoo, personal fragrance, dishwashing detergent, plant fertilizers, pest management, laundry detergent... everything.  

Within a short time of doing so, most people realize they feel better. They aren't sick as often. They breathe better and have less allergies. They have more energy. They stress out less often. 

So this is the 5th task - switch over to natural, fragrance free products that make any kind of an appearance in daily activities. 


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