Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Pondering thoughts

Pondering Thoughts

Whenever I get to a stressed level in my life - you know, when you have a permanent frown inside even though you may appear alright to the world... Well, when that happens, I find myself recalling some of the best advice gleaned from a lifetime of encounters with people who knew better than I (which is a lot - ha ha) and I wanted to share some of those bits of advice in this mini-series of posts I'm calling Pondering Thoughts.

So the first was "Start How You Mean To Continue", followed by "Doing it right the first time

...and today we'll look at: 

"Be patient with the process; be patient with yourself - this too, shall pass"

This bit of advice came from my eldest brother, Larry (hey, Larry!) and was mixed with advice I heard during a talk radio interview.

Many of you know the pain of caregiving for ailing parents (whether long-distance or close at hand) and saying the final good bye, then dealing with the estate goings on's, all the stress and appointments and travel this involves, then all the grief that comes and goes.

Well, during a 12 year period Dave and I said goodbye to 4 parent figures, 2 cats and 2 dogs... at the same time we moved from one community to another (selling our house and buying another), and the house we purchased has needed a lot of work. We had plenty of issues involved in switching the business over and finding enjoyable work for Dave and much more. 

During this time, Larry's advice echoed in my head countless times. It allowed me to forgive and relax about things I perceived as being inadequate. It lessened the elephant-like weight that sat on my chest pressing the air out of me and I took deeper breaths more often whenever this advice rang through my mind. 

This little ditty can be applied to virtually any area of your life wether you are applying for a loan, or watching your loved one go through something, or are experiencing relationship issues.

Remember all the other things you and those around you have survived... recall that so far, you've personally had a 100% survival rate (ha ha) - I mean you and I are still here, and even though there may be scars we are often bettered by the challenges that we have overcome in life.

So whenever you feel yourself reaching the edge of anger, impatience, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated or anything related to that, let this little ditty run through your head and breathe... just breathe.


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