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Author Interview

World of Writing - Author Interview

Jeff Rasley is the author of a dozen or more books, has appeared on over 100 podcasts and radio shows and serves as an officer or director of 6 different non-profits. You remember his name having appeared on this blog before - and you would be correct. Jeff is definitely one of those connections that we have a strong networking connection with. Back when we ran a talk radio program he appeared as a featured guest to talk about the Basa Village Foundation and his work with the Adventure Geo-treks LTD back in 2012. Later, he appeared on our blog in 2014 for a World of Writing interview, and again in November of this year. We certainly appreciate Jeff for his dedication to making a positive difference in the world. Jeff invites our readers to drop by his site anytime:

With Canadian and American authors releasing some 2,700 books per day - mostly due to the epidemic inspiring people to pursue their dreams and fill excess time off work - however, 2021 and 2022 authors struggle to stand out among the snowstorm of other published materials. Jeff has vast experience in the realm of start-ups, non-profits, entrepreneurship and the world of writing - and he's here today to give us some tips. Let's discover some of his tricks-of-the-trade today:

Q: What are common mistakes authors make?

A: Authors really need to work on believing that the quality of their writing will determine the volume of their sales.

Q: What are your favourite marketing activities?

A: The only marketing I truly enjoy is public speaking and being a guest on podcasts or live shows; and, of course, being a guest blogger with Brummett Media. The challenge of creating a pithy social media ad, because of the limited word count allowed, I will admit, is kind of enjoyable.

Q: What are your most successful marketing activities?

A:The only sure-fire marketing activity for sales of my books has been direct emails. I have an extensive email list. Sending a blast email after publication of a new book usually results in starting sales of up to 200 of that book.

Q: Are there any website resources you feel our readers could benefit from? 

A: There are so many sites that offer writers advice, it can be overwhelming to find one that fits an author's particular needs. Not to be too self-serving, but your blog and radio show have offered a ton of useful tips for writers at different levels of experience. My wife's "Blueprint Your Plot" site at is a catalog of resources and courses for fiction writers. I lead a class in memoir writing three times each year through the Indiana Writers Center. The IWC offers a plethora of courses for writers of all levels of experience and for multiple genres.

Q: How do you manage social media, what social media have you used, which do you like to use the most and why?

A: In a better world, social media would not exist. For all its benefits, I think social media has reduced the quality of contemporary life. But, so it goes. I regularly use Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. I used Pinterest in the past, and tried to force myself to use Instagram, but decided to draw the line with the three I've been on for quite a few years. I've experimented with ads on all the platforms, and haven't found a satisfactory formula for any of them. The best results for me have been Facebook ads, which can lead to actual engagement with readers.

Q: How do you deal with literary criticism, emotionally?

A: When my first book received its first negative review in Amazon - contrary to the advice of my more experienced wife - I responded by replying defensively to the criticism. I learned my lesson, because my comment generated even more criticism from that reader. It also inspired some positive comments in reply to the criticism, but I haven't responded to an Amazon review since. I've followed Alicia's advice: Suck it up, man, and appreciate the fact that the vast majority of reviews are positive. She also reminded me that readers have every right to criticize our work. So, if an author is thin-skinned, it's probably more healthy not to read the reviews.

Q: What impact do you hope this latest book will have on the reader?

A: My latest book, A Pickleball Soap Opera: Love, Murder, and Pickleball, introduces the reader to the game of pickleball through a romantic thriller. I hope all readers will enjoy the story of a romance developing within a pickleball group and the twists and turns of a thrilling spy-story that eventually envelops the pickleball group. For readers who are pickleball players, or enjoy sports action, I hope they will also enjoy the on-court action and will learn more about the sport.

Q: If you had to temporarily give something up in your life in order to take the time to better your craft or career as a writer - what would that be?

A: Social media!

Q: When you look around your work environment, do items stand out to you as something special?

A: I enjoy being able to look out windows and see the tree-lined White River beyond our backyard.

Q: When you look back at your life so far, who do you look up to as your hero, your mentor, the one you hope to emulate in some way?

A: There is no one person, but two people who had an important influence on me during college were my football coach and Athletic Department employer, Wally Hass, and Professor James Redfield, who taught my favorite course: Philosophy of Discourse, and Ancient Greek.

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