Saturday, November 15, 2008

Youth - what are we doing for them?

-- Quote of the Day --

“…I think we all have a responsibility to the youth… and the youth understand that there are problems and that climate change is there… and a lot of times they feel helpless; this is a huge issue to them. And what we have to do is make sure the youth get inspired to each do something small – because if everyone can do something small and make one decision to help the environment, the synergy from that will just grow and grow. …They may be small, and they may be young, and they may not think they have any power – but we have to change that thinking because they DO!” ~ Laurie Shutt 07/27/08

I love this quote - it originated through a discussion with author Laurie Shutt on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show in July, 2008. It was prominent in my thoughts lately due to some discussions in our local newspapers in the Letters to the Editor sections where the issue of youth is raised. Often what happens is "children" get all the attention - meaning if you look at organizations, support groups, activities and events... they are geared towards families with children... not youth. Unfortunately this group is being forgotten and as such they begin to see themselves as not mattering in society - when this is so far from the truth. We need to embrace the youth in our regions. Supply them with a safe place to socialize, provide activities that they enjoy and offer amenities for this age group. By inspiring them and getting them involved with various charities, fund-raising drives and other community events we can provide them with the proactive, positive activities they crave.

Winter is a particularly depressing time of year for a lot of folks out there who find themselves locked in their houses hiding from the cooler weather. This is so sad. Our bodies crave movement, sunshine... our minds crave interaction and stimulation.

So I challenge all of our readers to change their thinking from looking at the restless and bored youth as trouble makers and "little adults" - WE are the problem, not them. It is our lack of response to this need that causes the issues our communties face today. We want our youth to love our communities, to come back to them and raise their families there... How do we plan to do this? By ignoring them and leaving them to their own devices?

To access the interview with Laurie Shutt simply click on the hyper-linked show title here in the blog or look to the right of this screen where I have a link for the Conscious Discussions talk radio show.

-- Community Heroes Are Being Celebrated

The BC government has provided LiveSmart BC & Eco-energy Retrofit programs that offer rebates, special loans and other incentives for people looking to live a greener life. To find out more about these incredible programs visit:

Some of you may already be aware that Dave and I were acknowledged as "Community Heroes" through the Live Smart BC program - you can find out more about this on the Writing page of our website ( via the Media link. At that location, we have placed a media release regarding this event and the award we won.

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