Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Green Living Tips; Guest of the Day

-- Green Living --

Dave and I were honored to be invited to participate in SMS Book Reviews contest recently and there were so many entries for our book Trash Talk - Thank you all for participating. I was very impressed with the positive attitude regarding greening homes and offices. Some of the entries offered some tips that they have used in their own lives and I thought our readers might find that interesting * The names of the individuals have not been included to maintain their privacy:

- conserve water
- use CFCs instead of incandescent light bulbs
- compost our green waste
- recycle
- own one car
- buy locally, support local farmers
- work close to home
- use reusable bags
- garden without chemicals
- use a reusable metal water bottle
- use reusable shopping bags
- use high efficiency appliances
- use clothesline in the summer
- share college textbooks
- use rags and cloth napkins insted of paper towels/paper napkins
- use cloth/compostable diapers
- plant a garden
- use natural and biodegradable products
- buy organic
- be a vegeterian
- buy used products/cloths

Here's one that I found very inspiring: "On Earth day, we plant a tree for every friend and family member we have lost..." - What an incredible legacy, and a wonderful way to celebrate having known those individuals!

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

I’d like to send a quick note of appreciation out to publicist Elaine Krackau who sent a query our way for today’s guest. Journalist Debbie Jordan is the author and co-author of several books, her most recent being: The World I Imagine: A Creative Manual for Ending Poverty and Building Peace, in which she offers solutions to many social issues such as poverty. She is an active volunteer and has been involved in the world of writing since the 1980’s. Today we will discuss today’s educational & health care systems, peace & poverty issues & some insider’s insight into the world of writing. To access today's discussion: Ending Poverty/Creating Peace, simply click on they hyper-links here or look to the right for a link to the Conscious Discussions talk radio show.

* don't forget to enter this week's draw! See Monday's post for details...

-- Guest article --

Who Are Soft Sell Marketers and How Do They Differ from Hard Sell?

To understand whether or not you’re likely to be a soft sell marketer—think of it this way. It's all about the difference between ROI and ROE.


If someone buys your product or service and they expect that the amount of money they pay you will return to them plus a profit, that's a Return on Investment or ROI transaction.

The intent on both sides—the seller and buyer—is an increase in money. So it’s fundamentally a
money-for-money exchange.


Now imagine that you are a parenting counselor and a young couple brings you their 5-year old. She’s having difficulty adjusting to school. You give them guidance and it works. The child begins to enjoy school.

When they hand you their check, do they expect the amount of the check to return to them plus a profit? Of course not. That’s not the nature of the exchange.

The young couple wanted the quality of their life to be different and you helped them make that happen. That’s why they’re paying you.

For that kind of life-change transaction we use the term Return of Experience or ROE. Soft sell marketers, for the most part, specialize in ROE transactions.

You’ll find more information about soft sell marketing in The Heart of Marketing, the most recent book by best-selling authors Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski. Just go to:


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