Thursday, May 14, 2009

Publicity, recycling tires...

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"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."
~ Mark Twain

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Publicist Julie Shoerke joined me today on Conscious Discussions Talk Radioto delve into her knowledge of the world of publicity. We learned what a publicist will look for in new clients, when and why a publicist is used and how a new marketing plan might begin. We touched on common errors in dealing with the media, insider's tips in getting noticed, what to expect when facing a tour, virtual book tour, blog tour, contests and more. To access today's episode, Publicity - A Pro's Advice, simply click on the hyper-links here or look to the right for a link to the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show.

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Dave & I were are pleased to share that Victoria Athen’s Featured Authors site highlighted our work and our first book, Trash Talk @

-- Positive Eco-News --

Used tires has been discussed several times on our blog, you can find a chapter of this in the 1st edition of Trash Talk as well... Today, however, I'd like to expand on this information that we've provided already by sharing some information that I received from the San Diego Zero Waste Group:

The Ontario Tire Stewardship Organization is breaking new ground in Canada with an industry-funded program to deal with more than 12 million used tires generated by that province annually. The program expects to divert 91% of car and truck tires into the recycling program as well as utilizing an estimated 3 million used tire stockpiles, which are breading grounds for mosquitoes and are a fire hazard as well. For more details about the program, see Ontario Tire Stewardship' s backgrounder and tire program at

Tires can have their life extended with proper care, air pressure and storage (for regions that switch from summer to winter tires seasonally). They can be retread and this can increase their life as well. Once they've reached their end of life, tires are a hot commodity. They contain a high BTU value and as such are highly sought after by waste-to-energy incinerator plants, however this raises obvious air quality concerns. Innovative individuals have used them to build houses, garages, barns and to retain river banks. Large trees in family yards often have tire swings for entertainment, or hoops for ball practice. In the recycling industry, however tires are an incredible resource that can be recycled into a variety of products including: soaker hoses for irrigation, industrial work station mats, playground equipment and surfaces, athletic field turf and running tracks, rubber flooring products, surfacing for walking trails, interlocking patio bricks, roofing shingles, parking curbs and speed bumps, livestock feeders and troughs, landscape mulch, belts and guitar straps, parts for new vehicles and rubberized asphalt to pave streets and highways.

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