Saturday, December 26, 2009

Reducing Waste & Eating Well

-- Quote of the Day --

“…If we take a step that is away from who we are then our energy is drained away… we really only feel overwhelmed when we think it all has to be done at once and it really is a matter of …shifting perspective so that you can start to go in the direction of your well-being. …For social occasions, I like to serve a sweet potato or sweet pumpkin pie; you don’t want to cook honey, because cooking honey actually causes it to change into a toxin for our system. But you could use something like a maple syrup as a sweetener… or applesauce …when we choose food that has a lot of life force in it in the first place, it doesn’t need sweeteners.”
~ Oct 29, ’09 – Myra Lewin

Today's quote was taken from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show interview that aired on Oct 29, 2009. This discussion focused on a Wholesome Relationship with Food - check it out by clicking on the hyper-links here :)

-- Zero-Waste Navigation --


The "Zero-Waste Navigation," program conducted by international environmental NGO "A SEED JAPAN," has long been active at concerts and other outdoor events held in Japan. The NGO was founded in 1991 mainly by Japanese people in their twenties who felt responsible for the well-being of future generations of Japanese. The program is a participatory-style of environmental activity at outdoor events, getting people to pick up trash and garbage in order to reduce the amount thrown away. The key idea is not to bring in volunteers to do the work, but to get the actual participants at the events involved in cleaning up.

Triggered by the sight of enormous quantities of rubbish left behind at events, this approach was started in 1994, dealing with separating trash, distributing trash bags, recovery and recycling of resources, and a system to reuse dishes. As 70 percent of rubbish at these events is disposable dishes, the organizers of the program decided to lend out reusable dishes.

In 2008, all of the efforts helped to reduce 5 tons trash!

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