Sunday, July 4, 2010

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"What the caterpillar calls the end
The rest of the world calls a butterfly."

~ Lao Tsu

-- Buy Poetry For Your Significant Other Month --
As promised, this blog will be celebrating Buy Poetry For Your Significant Other Month (July) by sharing poetry from published writers. Submission guidelines can be found on the July 3rd posting on this blog. (scroll down to find previous posts).

Today, we'll be featuring a poem by T.S. Wilkins, an inspirational poetess and author who lives in South Carolina. She is dedicated to using her life experiences to spread inspiration, beauty, and love. She is the author of a poetry book titled Stand Again, Oh Weary Soul, and a personal short story titled, He is Noah.
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I'll Have My Dream

What sorrow struck the willow tree?
Is it the same that's stricken me
Where in my soul, I once was free...
And now it claims the best of me?

What joy and peace have I to keep
When low I am, and long I weep--
A soul that cannot rest to sleep,
While pain and hurt lie still too deep?

Dark vultures soar in skies so cold
To watch what little life I hold,
With eyes so bleak but yet so bold
Upon the branches of my soul

They wait for me to fade away--
To have no colors of blissful days,
And to my soul, they fiercely say
"There is no color in what is gray."

What more has life to me to bring
I have not felt or have not seen?
Can it not grant me
A simple dream...
Upon my branches,
A bird to sing?

Oh sorrow that struck the willow tree
Are you the same that's stricken me--
Where in my soul, I once was free...
You think you've claimed the best of me?

Do not predict that I may feel
I've lost the war, thus lost my will
For upon my branches,
A bird will sing
And I'll have my song;
I'll have my dream.

-- Lillian's Referral Corner --

 I'm going to see if I can get these guys below on the Conscious Discussions Radio show, but in the meantime check out their informative sites when you have time... - According to this site, Voluntourism is defined as: "The conscious, seamlessly integrated combination of voluntary service to a destination and the best, traditional elements of travel — arts, culture, geography, history and recreation — in that destination." - This is one interesting organization; they offer fundraising opportunities through collection of "waste" that is then recycled into new products.

Find Dave and Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio shows and free resources and more at:


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